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The Benefits of Crawling

No one is as busy as a one-year old! They are curious, they learn something new every day, and they are already crawling or walking. At this point, they are experiencing multiple things. They go up and down, touch everything, experience new smells, taste and grasp objects and use their entire body.

The Importance of Tummy Time

It’s important to stimulate tummy time in the first couple of months of life. During this time, the cervical lordosis develops as the posterior neck muscles get stronger. This will help your baby learn how to hold their head up and strengthen their spinal column. This will give him a different perspective of the world about the horizontal and vertical point of view. Around 6 to 10 months, the lumbar lordosis curve develops and he is going to be able to sit by himself. With more movement in the arm and legs, he is going to start crawling. This is the first form of independent movement for your baby.

Should my child crawl?crawling

Crawling is a milestone that every baby should master and it is important to understand the importance of crawling and how to stimulate your baby. Making your baby walk early can cut out a major stage in their physical and neurological development.  Crawling has a connection between physical and neurological development. When your baby starts crawling, it allows him to create connections between both cerebral hemispheres. The patterns and neurological routes that your baby creates between both cerebral hemispheres during crawling are the same that later in life will be used to perform more difficult tasks.  They develop fine and gross motor skills and develop their vestibular/ balance system, cognition and coordination. Some of these tasks include coloring, handwriting in the future, getting dressed, foundation of early problem solving, reading, comprehension and more.

Can a pediatric chiropractor help?

As a pediatric chiropractor, we are going to detect and correct any subluxation in your child to ensure optimal spinal function and a nervous system free of interference. This will allow your baby to have a correct pattern during crawling. We will also ensure that your baby has correct development in the lordotic curves in the cervical and lumbar spine. These curves will contribute to the eventual formation of the fully mature adult spine with four curves.

If your child is struggling with crawling, give Davis Family Chiropractic a call to see if they could benefit from chiropractic care.

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