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Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. It was always my Mom’s favorite holiday. As I have gotten older, I completely understand why she loved it so much. With sports and school activities, life is busy and I feel like I am constantly on the go. I am quite sure most Moms can agree with me. Thanksgiving time meant everyone was home from college and life slowed down. We all helped cook and prepare our Thanksgiving meal and got to sit down and be present with one another.


Now that I have kids of my own and a busy work schedule, I am really looking forward to the long holiday weekend. Spending time with my family of four and our extended families just makes the holidays so much more special. Listening to the younger cousins all run and play together and the older cousins get to spend time together is music to my ears. Buying our Christmas tree, decorating for the holidays, and enjoying one last NC State football game to round out the season are just a few of our favorite activities on the schedule for next weekend.

My kids are off all week from school so they get to have some down time and relax. We are working on creating new holiday traditions with the kids as they get older but still trying to keep the ones that they love the most. I have always tried to get a good bit of my holiday shopping and planning started before Thanksgiving so I don’t feel the need to run around which I have not done this year. I think this year will be more online holiday shopping than ever before and that is just fine with me. It is not about the gifts but the memories we can create together.

As my oldest is in high school, I am getting quite sentimental and wanting to spend as much time as I can with her before she goes off to college. Our parents always told us that life went by so fast. I could not agree more as I sit here and think that in a few short years I will be eagerly awaiting her arrival home for the holidays. For now, I will treasure each minute that I have with my children and focus on creating the memories and traditions that will mean so much to them one day!

What are some of your family’s holiday traditions?  I would love to hear and see pictures.  One of the kids favorites as they have gotten older is riding the four wheeler with my Dad after our family dinner.  So many great memories!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!

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