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Davis Family Chiropractic Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Davis Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and email me or contact our office if you have any questions. (919) 615-2257

~ Dr. Davis

Bedwetting Improved Dramatically!

After seeing Dr. Davis myself for almost a year, I found out she could really help my 5-year-old with his ongoing bedwetting. I had no idea the relationship between his spinal alignment and the bedwetting until Dr. Davis explained how the spine worked. After just a few adjustments, the bedwetting improved dramatically. It has amazed me how much Dr. Davis has made such a difference. If this made such an obvious difference, how many other areas of our family’s health care are also benefitting from her care?

~ A.O.

Not Hesitate to Recommend

Dr. Davis has a great rapport with my children. They enjoy their visits with her and both of them were relieved of back and neck pain after having adjustments. In my opinion, the most important benefit we’ve seen is the improvement in school work that my child with learning disabilities has shown. He has less trouble reading and is more attentive than he was prior to being treated by Dr. Davis. I would not hesitate to recommend a student with learning problems to her.

~ J.M.

Patient, Honest & Caring

Our family cannot say enough great things about Dr. Davis and her staff! We looked to Dr. Davis for guidance in helping our 5-year-old son (now 6) in resolving his primitive reflexes and developmental delays – primarily in communication, fine motor, and social skills. Some gains our son has experienced from the Sensory Development Program include increased eye contact and ability to track visually, decreased tactile defensiveness, and overall improved motor skills – including a decreased fear of heights, ability to jump confidently, and most recently hopping on one foot!

What we appreciate most about Dr. Davis is her patience, honesty, and overall care for our son. The biggest hurdle we have is in traveling 75+ miles for the appointments – but it is always worth the trip!

~ C.R.

I Feel Great Again!

Prior to receiving help from Dr. Alisha Davis, I had suffered from stomach pain every day for over a year, and accordingly often slept quite poorly. I had consulted with several doctors in various fields of practice and had many different tests performed. No one was able to help me, despite dietary changes, prescription drugs, multiple supplements, and stress relieving techniques, until Dr. Davis provided advice and spinal adjustments. It’s been a full three weeks now during which I have slept well again every night, and now most days I need not even think of my stomach. I have resumed eating foods that I was previously avoiding out of precaution, and I feel great again — thanks to Dr. Davis!

~ S.H.

I’m Thrilled with The Results!

I am a 52-year-old who had never been to a chiropractor until about one year ago. I was experiencing numbness in both hands that had gotten to the point that it was waking me up during the night and bothering me quite a bit during the day. I was dropping things due to numbness and was having to shake my hands so much to get the feeling back, that I actually hurt one of my wrists. A friend recommended Dr. Davis to me and with a bit of skepticism, I went. I thought my situation must be unique, but I found out that Dr. Davis had seen it many times before. I began treatment and I am thrilled with the results. My only regret is that I didn’t go earlier in my life – if I had, my problem might never have started! I truly believe that the adjustments I have gotten have not only helped the problem that I initially went for, but have also helped my overall well being! Trust is not always an easy thing to learn, but Dr. Davis has earned my trust. I am absolutely positive that she cares about each and every person that comes into the office and I am truly thankful for the par that she plays in my health!!

~ J.F.

My Chiropractor is Amazing!

My daughter was just over 24 hours old when she had her first appointment with Dr. Davis. I was nursing when Dr. Davis began to examine her. I was nursing her in a side-lying position because otherwise her jaw was very tightly clenched jaw. She seemed to me intuitively to have a lot of tension in her head and didn’t like when you touched it too much or supported her neck. Dr. Davis laid her hands gently on Maeve’s little head and did some gentle cranial work. Within only a few seconds, Maeve’s breathing changed completely. She took a deep breath, relaxed her jaw and let her latch become much wider, taking in much more of the breast into her mouth. It was the first time since she was born that both of us were relaxed while she was at the breast. After we finished nursing Dr. Davis did a few more adjustments and we were off for our first day of more relaxed nursing. Read more…

As days went by she would tighten up again which is how I knew it was time to have her adjusted again. For a few weeks, we were seeing her two or three days a week then eventually just once a week for tune-ups as needed. My daughter is seven months old and happy and relaxed and opens very wide to nurse and eat. Without Dr. Davis’s help, I’m not sure breastfeeding would have lasted very long. I am a labor & delivery nurse and have recommended Dr. Davis to every woman I know that has back pain, fetal positioning issues or breastfeeding problems. Chiropractic and especially my chiropractor are amazing!

~ E.R.

You Saved My Life!

I was ill from January 8, 2006, until you saved me on December 17, 2008, – 2 years, 11 months, and 1 week since I collapsed. I could not work for the first nine and a half months, resulting in a huge loss of income. During this illness, I was examined by four primary care doctors, four ear nose and throat doctors, three neurologists, one internal medicine doctor, and ended up in the Emergency Room twice. I had numerous MRIs, CAT Scans, Audio-visual tests, blood tests, ultrasounds, and a spinal tap. These resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Read more…

My illness was diagnosed along the way as: Eye/Ear problems, Heart Attack, Stroke, Blockage in the brain, blockage in my Carotid Artery, MS, West Nile Virus, Ear Crystals, Meniere’s Disease, Nervousness and “since no one can find what is wrong, I think that you are imagining it”. Treatment consisted of numerous, very expensive drugs with horrible side effects. I was even sent to balance classes. One doctor insisted that I needed to have the nerve in my ear severed. I questioned one specialist as to whether it couldn’t have something to do with my Eustachian tubes. (The nerve of me) He replied “NO” I checked them. (He hadn’t)

I had given up hope when I came across an article by a chiropractor that detailed a condition similar to mine. Dr. D, many doctors promised me that they would cure me, and didn’t. You said that you couldn’t promise that you could fix me, but would try your best. You took the pressure in my head away about 90% in one visit and the remainder in a few more visits. As a bonus, I got a new neck and back! During that first visit, you also said that early in your career you realized that you had the opportunity to help change people’s lives. The pressure in my head was slowly driving me mad. It was there all the time, when I woke up, all day, all night, it never left, only got worse. It would have eventually ended my life. So, you didn’t change my life, you saved my life!

~ E.A.

I am Back to Being Active Again!

Over the past few years, I have struggled with breathing to the point that my running has been affected. Since I have started going to Dr. Davis for chiropractic care, I have experienced improved breathing, improved posture, and a decrease in PMS symptoms. I am very pleased with these results. I am back to being active again (after about three years of inactivity) including playing tennis, running, and yoga every week. I was able to run a half marathon last month, and it has been over three years since my last one!

~ J.O.

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