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A Mom's perspective on her child's torticollis

A Mom’s perspective on her child’s torticollis

N.M. was born slightly early at 36 weeks but was very growth restricted weighing in at 4 lbs 2oz at birth. Like many preemies (term babies for that matter) he started to favor turning his head to one side, especially in his sleep. The medical term for this is torticollis. I found he would only nurse in the football hold on my right side and cradle on the left. I truly became concerned when the right side of his head started flattening at the back, which made the right side of his forehead protrude and his facial features became asymmetrical.  I read this problem could result in developmental delays. Often parents are referred to physical therapy. I read several studies comparing PT to chiropractic care and it seemed as though chiropractic care would yield faster results. Dr. Davis helped me rid sciatica during 2 pregnancies so I knew N.M. had to see her. Sure enough I noticed a difference after the first visit. I looked at the mirror image of N.M. in his car seat on the way home and he was sleeping with his head to the left side. Sleeping peacefully in the car was something I had never experienced. I literally cried because I should have taken him to see Dr. Davis so much sooner.   Within a few weeks the facial asymmetry was barely noticeable. He looks great now and it has been 3 months. He turns his head easily in both directions. He is developing well. We have Dr. Davis to thank for that.