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Important Medicaid Changes


Do your children have Medicaid for their chiropractic coverage? The Department of Health and Human Services has proposed the removal of chiropractic care for children. We need your input!! Please click on the link provided and list your comments on how your child has benefitted from chiropractic care. The policy change will occur if we do not take action and leave our input. Please limit your responses to conditions and treatments that relate to specific spinal complaints. We know that your child may respond to a decrease in reflux symptoms or a decrease in ear infections but they are not looking for this type of information.

Appropriate comments might include your thoughts on:

-The need/ ability/ ease of obtaining a referral from the pediatrician.

-The reimbursement levels.

-Safety of chiropractic for children.

-They are very interested in research about chiropractic and children.

-Aspects of your practice that are unique and separate from what they get at a pediatrician: adjustments, wellness coaching, nutrition etc.

-Success stories from patients

-Stories of patient frustration with referrals, etc.


Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Davis if you need further clarification. The website is open for comments on 4/1-4/15 at which time it will be closed.   All comments will be read and looked through by staff at DHHS and are important. Please take the time to file your comments as this will be the last time we can make comments before benefits are cancelled!!