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Healthy Back to School Lunches

Healthy Back to School Lunches

Kids are heading back to school and parents are asking “What do I feed my child?” Include your child in making their healthy lunches. Explain the importance of a balanced diet so that your child gets the needed vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to grow and develop properly. Prep lunch on Sunday for the week so that the kid’s lunches will be ready.

Drink – Water is really the best choice for all kids. A stainless steel thermos or a glass water bottle is the best ways to send their water to school to keep it cold. Avoid fruit juices and juice boxes that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and full of empty calories.

Meal – Pack a small container with protein: cubes of baked chicken, turkey, fish or a hardboiled egg. You can also send in soup or beans in a wide mouthed thermos.

Sandwich – Use whole wheat bread or whole wheat tortilla wrap. Switch up the traditional PB&J by adding almond butter. Add veggies to their sandwich like lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts or red peppers.

Sides – Try to avoid chips and send fresh organic veggies. Consider making a grain salad with couscous or steamed long grain brown rice mixed with chopped veggies. Healthy nuts like almonds and cashews are also a great addition if your child likes to eat something crunchy with their lunch.

Dr. Davis is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in family wellness care. So take a moment today to discuss with your Family Wellness Chiropractor any concerns you may have regarding your child’s nutritional needs.

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