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Meet Dr. Valerie Nazario

Dr. Valerie NazarioDr. Valerie was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and she grew up in Gurabo, a small town in Puerto Rico. Living in a small town is like living with a big family because everybody knows each other. She is the second of three kids. During high school, she was a cheerleader for her school. Dr. Valerie’s favorite time of the year is Christmas. For her family, Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends. One of her family’s Christmas traditions is that the day before Christmas, their whole family picks a place to meet. Every member of the family goes there by horse and they eat and sing together.

Chiropractic Turned My Life Around”

Dr. Valerie was first introduced to chiropractic in 2013 after dealing with headaches. Having already tried numerous medical interventions, Dr. Valerie began regularly visiting a chiropractor in an attempt to avoid medications. “Chiropractic care completely turned my life around and gave me a new outlook on my health. In 2015, Dr. Valerie received her undergrad degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico. During these years, she did one year of research with Howard Hudge Medical Institute. Dr. Valerie had such a profound experience with chiropractic care that she made the decision to go back to school and entered the Life University Doctor of Chiropractic program in 2015. In her spare time, Dr. Valerie enjoys spending time with the family and her dog Mauro. Dr. Valerie is very active, and she likes playing tennis, hiking, biking and going to the beach.

Education and Training

  • 2010 Graduate of University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Biology
  • 2018 Graston Technique Certified
  • 2019 Rock Tape Certified
  • 2019 Activator Technique
  • 2019 Graduate of the Life University Doctor of Chiropractic program in Marietta, GA
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