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Chiropractic Check ups for Kids

Chiropractic Check ups for Kids

I was at the dentist today+ having my children’s teeth checked.  It hit me!  Dentists have kids come in for regular check ups.  We take our kids twice a year to prevent future problems, keep the teeth clean, and make sure the teeth are developing properly.  Why is it that parents don’t bring their children to the chiropractor for regular check ups?  We see dental hygiene as a part of our child’s health care team.  Why not chiropractic check ups for proper spinal hygiene?

I think most of our society still view chiropractors as back pain doctors.  While we do adjust the spine to reduce pain and inflammation, the adjustments provide more benefit than just back pain relief.  A properly function nervous system is VITAL for every part of our body to grow and develop normally.  Our nervous system controls every system in our body, such as the digestive system, respiratory system, immune system, cardiovascular system, and reproductive system.

When we step back and think about, a chiropractic check up is just as important as a dental check up.  At Davis Family Chiropractic, we provide care to patients of all ages from newborn to geriatrics.  I think it is vital to discuss some of the concerns and questions that we get asked by parents.  If we can remove some of the questions ahead of time, maybe parents will understand the importance of a properly functioning nervous system.

  • Do you use the same force to adjust my child as you do an adult? Of course not!  Dr. Davis has been specially trained to adjust children.  The touch is very light and gentle on infants and is modified based on the child’s age.
  • Do I have to bring them in forever?  I have heard once my child gets adjusted they will always have to be adjusted?  My response is you bring them in as long as you want them to have a healthy functioning nervous system!!  The decision is up to you.  I always ask do they still get their teeth cleaned and checked twice a year.
  • Is it covered by my insurance and is care expensive?  We try to make care affordable so that all family members can benefit from chiropractic care.

These are just a few of the many questions we get asked daily by parents.  Only 10% of our nervous system feels pain!!  Your child may not complain of pain or discomfort, but do you know if there is pressure on their nervous system.  Often times when an adult comes in for care, we take a look at their x-rays and can tell that their subluxations developed during their childhood.  Talk with Dr. Davis and schedule an evaluation to have your child’s nervous system checked today.  Their future health depends on it!